This is my love letter to Wales. I am fascinated with it's rich history and rugged landscape. Within 50 miles I can travel over 5000 years. The Bronze and Iron Ages, the Middle Ages, and the not so distant Industrial Revolution all huddle beside each other amongst the verdant Southeast Valleys. This is where I ride and this is why I write.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Talybont Adventure

More from the archive... this one goes back quite a few years and was quite intense, but we had a blast. I hope you enjoy.

High up in the Brecon Beacons National Park of Wales is a reservoir called the Talybont. You may have heard of it. You may have even visited it. I, on the other hand; had not done either until I went for a ride with a crazy man from South Africa.

We started out innocently enough on simple ride to Ebbw Vale from Llanhilleth at 10am Wednesday morning. It was to be nothing particularly long, breakfast and maybe 20-25 miles up the Ebbw valley along NCN route 466. We planned to be home by 4 or 5 pm that evening.

I started taking pictures here:

and perhaps I should have considered more about where we were heading here...

But I am a trusting sort of fella. I believed his vivid descriptions of the route... a route, I should add... that was on his map... that he did not have with him.

awww screw it... let's read whats on this big rock.

and ain't this purdy!

But we did ask for directions...

and Dear Readers... this was what got us here and made it one of those adventures we will remember for a life-time.

photo credit: Will Rossouw

photo credit: Will Rossouw

photo credit: Will Rossouw

Unfortunately, my camera/phone died after seven hours. But we did make it there. We saw the darn thing, yes we did.

photo credit: Will Rossouw

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